7 Events Perfectly Suited for Coconut Cups

Coconut cups, also known as coconut shells or coconut shell drinking vessels, add a tropical and eco-friendly touch to any event. Coconut cups are perfect for Tiki themed events, weddings, beach parties, barbeques, festivals, corporate events and promotional events. Coconut cups can be customized for your special occasion!

Beach Parties

Coconut cups are ideal for beach parties and luaus. Their natural, tropical aesthetic perfectly complements the seaside ambiance, and they enhance the experience of sipping on refreshing beverages like coconut water, cocktails, or tropical fruit juices.

Summer BBQs

Whether it's a backyard barbecue or a poolside gathering, coconut cups add a fun and festive element to summer parties. They evoke a relaxed, island vibe and are perfect for serving cold drinks like iced tea, lemonade, or sangria.

Tiki Themed Events

Coconut cups are a must-have for tiki-themed parties and events. They fit seamlessly into the Polynesian-inspired decor and are commonly used for serving classic tiki cocktails such as piña coladas, mai tais, and rum punches.

Outdoor Weddings

For couples planning rustic or tropical-themed outdoor weddings, coconut cups make charming and eco-friendly drinkware options. They can be incorporated into the reception decor and are perfect for serving signature cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages during the celebration. 

Corporate Events

For corporate retreats, team-building activities, wellness retreats, or promotional events, coconut cups can add fun island vibes. They are perfect for serving refreshing drinks.

Music Festivals

Coconut cups are a popular choice for music festivals, especially those with a laid-back and bohemian atmosphere. They offer a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic cups and enhance the festival experience with their unique appearance and eco-conscious appeal.

Farmers Markets

Coconut cups are a hit at farmers markets, food festivals, and other outdoor events celebrating local cuisine and sustainability. They add an element of authenticity to artisanal beverages like fresh coconut water, smoothies, kava, or kombucha, and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.


Coconut cups are versatile and suitable for a variety of events, from casual gatherings to themed parties and corporate functions. Their natural charm, sustainability, and tropical flair make them a popular choice for hosts looking to create memorable and environmentally-friendly experiences for their guests. As a bonus, guests can take them home and reuse them or reimagine them into a candle vessel or other craft!

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