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Coconut Husk Gardening Mulch Block, 10 Gallons

Coconut Husk Gardening Mulch Block, 10 Gallons

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Our Coconut Husk Mulch is perfect as a natural mulch in gardening and horticulture. It improves soil by improving water retention, aeration, drainage, suppressing weeds and regulating soil temperature. Coco husk mulch is valued for its sustainability and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mulching materials.

  • Block Dimensions:
  • Yields 20 gallons once re-hydrated

*Special Order Only

Low Dust We've specifically formulated our mulch to contain minimal dusk and small particles.

Safe and Chemical-Free Coco husk is a natural material without harmful chemicals. Its organic nature makes it suitable for a variety of uses.

Neutral pH The coconut husk pieces have been double rinsed to eliminate any foreign material and neutralize the pH of the material ensuring a safe and inert mulch.

Compact Block The coconut mulch block is pressed solid making shipping and storing much more efficient. One block yields about 2 cubic yards of loose much once re-hydrated.

Moisture One of the key advantages of coco husk is its ability to retain moisture. This is particularly beneficial in garden beds, containers, and landscaping where maintaining adequate moisture levels is crucial for plant health.

Natural Appearance Coconut husk creates a natural and aesthetically pleasing

Aeration and Drainage While retaining moisture, coco husk also promotes good aeration and drainage. It prevents soil compaction and allows for the efficient movement of air and water in the root zone.

Weed Suppression: Coco husk mulch forms a protective layer on the soil surface, helping to suppress the growth of weeds. This reduces competition for nutrients and water, contributing to a healthier garden.

Temperature Regulation The mulching properties of coco husk help regulate soil temperature. It provides insulation, keeping the soil cooler in hot weather and warmer in colder conditions.

Slow Decomposition: Coconut husk mulch decomposes slowly, offering long-lasting benefits. This means less frequent replacement compared to some other organic mulches.

Nutrient-Rich: As coco husk breaks down, it releases small amounts of nutrients into the soil. While not a replacement for fertilizer, it contributes to the overall nutrient content of the soil.

When using coco husk mulch, it's important to apply an appropriate thickness (usually 2-4 inches) and replenish it as needed. Additionally, consider the specific needs of your plants and the local climate when choosing mulching materials.

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