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Coconut Husk Reptile Bedding Block, 10 Gallons

Coconut Husk Reptile Bedding Block, 10 Gallons

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Coconut Husk Reptile Bedding is perfect as a natural bedding substrate for snakes, amphibians, geckos, frogs and other reptiles that mimics their natural habitat. Each piece of husk is approximately 1/2" combined with a mix of loose fiber and other mulch size pieces.

  • Block Dimensions:
  • Yields 10 gallons once re-hydrated

*Special Order Only

Low Dust We've specifically formulated our bedding to contain minimal dusk and small particles, making a it a safer and more sanitary bedding option.

Safe and Chemical-Free Coco husk is a natural material without harmful chemicals. It is safe for reptiles, and its organic nature makes it suitable for a variety of species.

Neutral pH The coconut husk pieces have been double rinsed to eliminate any foreign material and neutralize the pH of the material ensuring a safe and inert bedding.

Compact Block The Bedding Block is pressed solid making shipping and storing much more efficient. One block yields about 2 cubic yards of loose bedding once re-hydrated.

Moisture One of the key advantages of coco husk is its ability to retain moisture. This is particularly beneficial for reptiles that require higher humidity levels, such as tropical species. The humidity-retaining properties of coco husk can assist reptiles during the shedding process. It helps keep the skin moist, making it easier for the reptile to shed its old skin.

Natural Appearance Coconut husk creates a natural and aesthetically pleasing environment in reptile enclosures. It replicates the look and feel of the forest floor or tropical terrain. Many reptiles, especially those that naturally burrow or nest, appreciate coco husk as it allows them to engage in natural behaviors. It provides a loose and soft substrate for burrowing. Always provide a depth of substrate that allows for natural behaviors like burrowing or digging.

Easy to Clean While it retains moisture well, coco husk is also relatively easy to clean. Spot cleaning can be done regularly, and it can be replaced as needed.

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