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Bulk Polished Coconut Shell, Round Bottom

Bulk Polished Coconut Shell, Round Bottom

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Real 100% natural Coconut Half, size Small with a round bottom. Our Coconut Halves are smoothed and highly polished. Sold in a bulk wholesale box of 250.

Our #1 seller for serving coconut Ice Cream, Gelato, Italian Ice, and Coconut Glacé! 

  • Shape:           Oval
  • Size:               Small
  • Dimensions:  4" x 3.5" x 1.75" 
  • Volume:         5 oz
  • Box Qty:         250

The coconut shell has a round bottom and will wobble if placed on a flat surface. If you are looking for cheap coconut shells, Coconut King's small half wholesale coconut shell is a great option.

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