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Sola Stick with Bark

Sola Stick with Bark

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Sola Sticks are loved by pet Birds, Chinchillas, Rats, Gerbils, and Rabbits, for chewing and playing. They are made from the same Sola root that pets already know and love to shred. What's not to love about sola? It's inexpensive and irresistible. 100% Pet Safe.

  • Dimensions:          4" x .75" x .75"
  • Minimum Order:  100

Sola Sticks keep your pets mentally and physically encouraged and entertained! Use Sola Sticks individually or incorporate them into a more complex toy!

Birds: Sola Sticks are the perfect foot toy! Sola satisfy natural pecking instincts for Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, Parrotlets, Budgies, Lovebirds, Amazon & African Greys. Birds enjoy shredding and destroying these sticks. Great entertainment and constant destruction for them with them!  Gentle enough for older, or disabled and blind birds too.

Rodents: Sola Sticks are a great dental chew toy for Chinchillas, Rats, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, and Bunnies.  Teeth in rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats keep growing throughout their lives, making it very important to give them products to chew to keep them at an optimal size and maintain their dental health. 

Safe and Natural: Round and unique in texture, comprised of spongy tissue from the inside of the sola plant. Contains no fillers, dyes, glue, wire, or plastic.

Affordable: Our cheap Sola Sticks are top quality but valued priced.

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